Friday, January 25, 2008

A home of my own!

So, this post is mostly for my parents, but I have now moved into my own home!!! All by my self! It's a little studio apartment and since my parents had never seen it, I figured I would share. Just be forewarned that it's still in the unpacking stage...

This is the view on your right as you walk in the door. It's my kitchen. Right underneath the ledge is the table that Andy gave me.

This is kind of panoramic photography, so bear with me. Basically just a continuation of what you were seeing. On the other side of the stereo is the coat closet, and if you look below you'll see the coat closet and the door that goes outside.

This is just more of the couch. The couch is on the same wall that the outside door is on. Next to it are the bookshelves which are beside the bathroom door.

This is taken from the front door if you look left. The bathroom door, my bed, and then my closet.

More of the same, we're halfway around the room now!

This is just a zoomed out version taken with me standing on my bed. The big overstuffed chair is at the end of the desk, and then we're back to the kitchen again.

This is my closet. It has the full length shelves on both sides.

Sink and Shower curtain...

This is the kitchen, (and look Mom! I still have the peach!

The new rug that I was so proud of!

Just a final view from my kitchen. You can look over the mini bar and see the door going outside.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this little mini home tour. It's small, but I LOVE not having to share the space with a messy roommate!

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