Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Laura Story Might To Save

This week I bought a new CD by an artist that I had never really heard of--Laura Story. I was browsing Itunes and just really liked it. If you're a fan of Christian music, this CD is incredible. Included with the CD was a music video about one of her songs, "Mighty to Save." It's just humbling to watch and it puts life in perspective for me.

Check it out!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I was looking through Postsecret and decided that I wanted to share my favorites from the ones that I have seen...

Spring Break Extravaganza!

So, I haven't decided yet if I want this to be more entertaining and a way to stay updated with friends or to be more of a journal where I can look at it and remember what was going on. Seriously, my memory seems to have gone to pot, which probably wouldn't be very reassuring if I told a future patient that. :)

So, last week was Spring Break and I was able to go home and do all the things that I love! I went to Graples, hung out with friends and family, did the whole Easter thing and had my 24th birthday. Easter is one of my favorite holidays and it was fabulous to be home. Laraine (my sister-in-law) is an amazing artist and always decorates eggs with me. Anyways, this year she drew a fetus on the egg (she's pregnant) complete with a placenta on the other side. Even though it's a little strange, I love her for it! I opened my Easter basket and then in the afternoon, my family decided that we wanted to go to town. We never really thought about the fact that nothing was open due to it being Easter, so the only store we found that was open was Savers. I had forgotten how much I love thrift stores. Some people might view it as ghetto, but I view it as finding the coolest things ever for the best price. Plus, I just like browsing the random crap.

On Sunday, my parents threw me a surprise birthday party and it was just nice to be in a whole room of people that you haven't seen in a while and that you absolutely adore. Monday (my actual birthday), my family went to dinner and then put me on the plane. You need to understand, that I have this "curse" on me when I fly. Now, it's not that I don't like babies, I just am not one of the people that fawns over them all of the time. But whenever I fly, if there is a baby on board, you can bet that the baby will be right next to me. This flight was no exception, but what did happen is that the mother started having a panic attack. Now, it's a small flight and we're sitting in the fourth row and across the aisle from me is the mother, father and baby. I'm reading my book, when I start hearing some commotion and I look up and the mother isn't breathing (she's gasping for breath). I started to get concerned and so I pushed the call button for the flight attendant. The flight attendant comes on the intercom and makes some stupid announcement "Ladies and Gentlemen, I will be making my way through the cabin when I finish blah blah blah." Another minute goes by and the husband pushes the call button and no joke, she seriously comes on and makes the same announcement while she is FOUR rows away from us. So, half of the plane yells at her that it's a freaking emergency and all she did was come and ask the lady if she wanted an oxygen tank (keep in mind that she asks the lady who is not breathing for an oxygen tank). Luckily, one of the passengers from the back of the plane came up and asked if she could help (She was a doctor! Yay!). Anyways, we landed and the lady was okay but it was the most memorable flight that I have ever been on so I felt the need to share!