Thursday, July 12, 2007

Good Golly Graples!

First post--so excited! But even more exciting was Graples, a home decor store in Nampa. Before this year, I had never even heard of this place but this morning Laraine and I set out on our fantastic adventure! Talk about amazing! Girls, if you've never been, Graples is amazing. Laraine and I arrived about 5 minutes before the store was going to open and I kid you not, there was a line arround the building complete with a guy directing traffic--all for this little building that barely had a sign in front of it. They let everyone in and it was complete chaos, which is to say that I loved every minute of it! So ultra exciting. There were six cashiers and people were still in line clear up to the back of the building in order to check out. Anyways, Mom and I went back after she got off of work and I was amazed at the amount of damage that shoppers had done. One room was literally cleared out. There might have been 5 items remaining in it. In case you want to check it out...

After the big Graples adventure, I met Tyler this afternoon for some frisbee and trash talk, which is my favorite (the trash talking of course)! I've never really learned how to aim a frisbee and even though I wasn't awful, I don't think that I would submit very many people to my frisbee throwing techniques. Luckily, both of us emerged undamaged. After that, we went to the Flying M (first time, again) and I loved it! There were do many random gifts/things--my favorite was probably ice cube trays that were shaped like diamonds. Just in case you really want to get engaged, and the boyfriend just isn't catching the subtle hints! Anyways, I bought a "Yo' Mama" insult pad. You can check off different insults and then pass it along! My favorites, "Can I borrow your face for a few days? My ass is going on holiday." and "I'm sorry, I don't speak skank." Just priceless!